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Managing Transports across the Seven Seas

InterNautic is an independent shipbroking company focused on dry-cargo and heavy-lift projects across the fast growing African and Asian economies.

The guiding principle behind this company and the services we offer is based upon adapting to the new age of the marine industry. InterNautic has firsthand experience of working closely with the emerging markets with in-depth understanding of the reengineering of ships, changing commodities and sustainable energy technologies.

It is our aim to provide all the resources, commitment and support to ensure that our clients have up-to-date information on the shipping industry to enable them to progress as swiftly as possible from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow. read more...

Dry Cargo
InterNautic shipbroking services have been specifically designed to support projects in the Dry Cargo market between Africa and Asia. read more...

Heavy Lift
We offer a variety of versatile ships to accommodate cargoes with exceptionally large dimensions such as pipes, cranes and container-bridges.read more...
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