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Heavy Lift and Project Cargo

InterNautic offers a variety of versatile ships to accommodate cargoes with exceptionally large dimensions such as pipes, cranes and container-bridges. To ensure optimum usage of space on the proposed vessel, each project will be assesed by our in-house engineers.

We propose geared vessels that guarantees fast and reliable loading/discharging with the capacity of lifting up-to 1,800 metric tonnes for extreme heavy cargoes including cold-boxes, generators and trains.

In addition to the geared tonnage, we also provide dock vessels with the ability to float-on/float-off, roll-on/roll-off and skid-on/skid-off cargoes for transportation of yachts and other commodities that exceed the maximum lifting capacity of ships' gear or floating cranes such as large barges and drilling platforms of up-to 70,000 metric tonnes.

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